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Capital Market is India's oldest scientific investment magazine in publication since 1986. The magazine was a pioneer in rating IPOs on a 100-point scale. It also printed India's first Corporate Scoreboard of more than 2000 companies with 25 fields of information for each company, kept updated on a fortnightly basis.

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Today, Capital Market has evolved into a complete financial magazine, which covers the entire gamut of issues affecting the stock markets. Topical issues, policy decisions by government, regulations by SEBI or market developments - are analysed in depth in the Cover Story. Other contents include special research features based on our in-house database on companies and mutual funds and interviews with market players and company CEOs. We also advise on valuable "Buys".

Sample the best sections in Capital market:

Capitaline Corner: This most eagerly read column gives
one choice scrip for investment every fortnight.

Stock Watch: A list of around 100 fundamentally strong companies identified by Capital Market analysts. The list is constantly reviewed and updated, adding scrips with upward potential and removing those that
have exhausted their run.

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