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A booming stock market is merely a showcase of a healthy economy. An investor needs to not only track companies and sectors, but also the structural changes in the economy. What are the implications of the increasing share of the services sector in the national income? How is the rising advance tax collection linked to the corporate sector's performance? What does the rise in food credit indicate?

With its track record of providing relevant financial data and information to help investors make informed decisions, Capital Market now presents India Economy Review, a monthly update of the macro-economic and sector trends, comprising:

Real Sector
· GDP 
· Wholesale price index
· Consumer price index
· Index of industrial production

Infrastructure Industries
· Railways
· Civil aviation
· Electricity
· Telecommunications 
· Shipping & cargo

Agriculture and Related Industries
· Agriculture
· Edible oils
· Rubber
· Sugar
· Tea

Financial Sector
· Bank performance indicators
· Money supply
· Reserve money

Financial Markets
· BSE indices
· Call money rates
· Foreign exchange rates
· Cash reserve ratio
· Interest rates

Manufacturing Industries
· Cement
· Steel
· Crude oil 
· Coal
· Fertilisers
· Chemicals
· Capital goods
· Polymers
· Automobile
· Textiles
· Man-made fibre
· Non-ferrous metals
· Consumer durables 

Public Finance
· Central government finances
· Monthly tax collections

External Sector
· Foreign trade and international finance
· Commodity-wise exports & imports
· Country-wise exports & imports
· Foreign exchange reserves
· NRI deposits
· Direct foreign investment flows
· India's external debt 

Monthly Economic Indicators

Annual Economic Indicators

World Economic Indicators



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