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Kindly note Capital Market does not send
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Capita Telefolio
Ideas published by Capital Market on every Wednesday & Friday backed be relevant data and information.
Various schemes available between Rs. 8,250* to Rs. 39,000*.
* Inclusive of GST @18%.


Capita Telefolio Gold
Telefolio Gold is an online database of interesting ideas, jointly offered by Capital Market magazine and Capitaline databases. This service not only gives you two fundamentally exciting ideas every week, but also gives you all the relevant tools to study, analyse and track these ideas. All the published data and information about the idea is presented in a user-friendly way to facilitate in-depth study and continuous tracking.
Capita Telefolio Gold is available at Rs 50,000* for a one-year, Rs 80,000* for two years and Rs 1,00,000* for three years.
* Inclusive of GST @18%. Register to Subscribe


Capital Market eMagazine (Online version)
Subscribe to India's foremost and largest circulated fortnightly finance magazine since 1986.
Annual subscription (26 issues): Rs. 1950
- Purchase single issue @ Rs. 100/- per issue
- Purchase forthcoming 3 Issues @Rs. 266, 6 Issues @ Rs. 499 and 13 Issues @ Rs. 999
- Corporate Scoreboard data in XLS format @ Rs. 1500/- per issue. - Subscription

- Advance Portfolio (Rs. 3800*/- per year) : Maintain multi-asset multiple portfolio with more reports
- Research (Rs. 3,800*/- per year) : View company research reports, quarterly result analysis, concall highlights for to companies & Sector trends & updates.
Rs. 7,000*/- per year for both modules.
* Inclusive of GST @18%.Subscribe now !
  Capital Market Plus

Get Access to Additional Sections like:
Detailed Get Quotes with Peer Sets, Wold Indices & ADR Prices, Advanced Portfolio Module, Company Profiles, Scoreboard, Results, Capital Market Online Edition
Subscription Rates are ONLY Rs. 48,760/-* per Quarter and Rs. 1,18,000 per Year*

* Inclusive of GST @18%

  Top 500 Companies In India (Online version) - 2023

2023 Compendium contains one page full of information on each of the Top 500 companies for year ending Mar. 2023.

Price : Rs. 500/-  (Actual Rate Rs 1000 Discount Rs 500)


  Technical Analysis Book

The only book with examples of Indian companies like HLL, Bajaj Auto, Tata Motors, Zuari etc., explaining all Technical Analysis concepts like:
Dow Theory, Trendlines, Support & Resistance,
Head & Shoulders, Bar reversals, Flags & Pennants, Gaps, Islands, Moving Averages, Fibonacci numbers, Rate of Change (ROC), Relative Strength Index (RSI), MACD, Stochastics, Elliot Waves, Gann Rules, Japanese Candlesticks
Price: Rs. 500

  Technical Analysis Book +
Top 500 Companies In India (Online Version) - 2023

Price: Rs. 1500
(You Pay Rs 900/- and Save Rs. 600/-) buy - Online family portfolio module
Apna Money is a multi-portfolio, multi-asset, online portfolio module
Monitor the multi-asset portfolios
of all your family members from a single login.

Annual subscription Rate : Rs. 2500

  India Economy Review

With its track record of providing relevant financial data information to help investors make informed decisions, Capital Market now pesents India Economy Review,a monthly update of the macro-economic and sector trends.

Annual Subscription : Rs. 15,000/-
(May 2024 Edition available Now !) buy
Purchase single issue @ Rs. 1500/- per issue

NAV India is one of the largest Mutual Fund database in India. NAV India is a useful tool to analyze the past performance of schemes. It also helps the users to track the Mutual fund and Fund Manager's flavors towards various companies and Industries.

It covers all (42) the AMC actively present in the Mutual Fund Industry and around 9000 schemes details.

Annual Subscription : Rs. 1,25,000